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Publications in year 2018

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  • C. Liu, F.Q. Ye, C.C. Yen, J.D. Newman, D. Glen, D.A. Leopold, A.C. Silva
    A digital 3D atlas of the marmoset brain based on multi-modal MRI, NeuroImage 169: 106-116(2018)
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  • G. Saar, C.M. Millo, L.P. Szajek, J. Bacon, P. Herscovitch, A.P. Koretsky
    Anatomy, Functionality, and Neuronal Connectivity with Manganese Radiotracers for Positron Emission Tomography, Molecular Imaging and Biology 20: 562-574(2018)
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  • X. Liu, N. Zhang, C. Chang, J.H. Duyn
    Co-activation patterns in resting-state fMRI signals, NeuroImage 180: 485-494(2018)
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  • P.S. Ozbay, C. Chang, D. Picchioni, H. Mandelkow, T.M. Moehlman, M.G. Chappel-farley, P. van Gelderen, J.A. de Zwart, J.H. Duyn
    Contribution of systemic vascular effects to fMRI activity in white matter, NeuroImage 176: 541-549(2018)
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  • J. Liu, J.A. de Zwart, P. van Gelderen, J. Murphy-Boesch, J.H. Duyn
    Effect of head motion on MRI B0 field distribution, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine : -(2018)
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  • J.A. de Zwart, P. van Gelderen, M.K. Schindler, P. Sati, J. Liu, D.S. Reich, J.H. Duyn
    Impulse response timing differences in BOLD and CBV weighted fMRI, NeuroImage 181: 292-300(2018)
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  • C.C. Yen, D. Papoti, A.C. Silva
    Investigating the spatiotemporal characteristics of the deoxyhemoglobin-related and deoxyhemoglobin-unrelated functional hemodynamic response across cortical layers in awake marmosets, NeuroImage 164: 121-130(2018)
    Link to PubMed
  • Y. Hirano, C.C. Yen, J.V. Liu, J.B. Mackel, H. Merkle, G.C. Nascimento, B. Stefanovic, A.C. Silva
    Investigation of the BOLD and CBV fMRI responses to somatosensory stimulation in awake marmosets (Callithrix jacchus), NMR in Biomedicine 31: -(2018)
    Link to PubMed
  • N. Pothayee, D. Maric, K. Sharer, J. Tao-cheng, A. Calac, N. Bouraoud, J. Pickel, S.J. Dodd, A.P. Koretsky
    Neural precursor cells form integrated brain-like tissue when implanted into rat cerebrospinal fluid, Communication Biology 1: 114-114(2018)
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  • S. Choi, A.L. Arai, Y.M. Mou, B. Kang, C.C. Yen, J. Hallenbeck, A.C. Silva
    Neuroprotective Effects of MAGL (Monoacylglycerol Lipase) Inhibitors in Experimental Ischemic Stroke, Stroke 49: 718-726(2018)
    Link to PubMed
  • N. Gudino, J.A. de Zwart, Q. Duan, S.J. Dodd, J. Murphy-Boesch, P. van Gelderen, J.H. Duyn
    Optically controlled on-coil amplifier with RF monitoring feedback, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 79: 2833-2841(2018)
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  • J.H. Duyn
    Studying brain microstructure with magnetic susceptibility contrast at high-field, NeuroImage 168: 152-161(2018)
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  • X. Liu, J.A. de Zwart, M. Scholvinck, C. Chang, F.Q. Ye, D.A. Leopold, J.H. Duyn
    Subcortical evidence for a contribution of arousal to fMRI studies of brain activity, Nature Communications 9: 395-395(2018)
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