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Publications in year 2008

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  • F.F. Paiva, A. Tannus, L.S. Talagala, A.C. Silva
    Arterial spin labeling of cerebral perfusion territories using a separate labeling coil, Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 27: 970-977(2008)
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  • A.G. Goloshevsky, A.C. Silva, S.J. Dodd, A.P. Koretsky
    BOLD fMRI and somatosensory evoked potentials are well correlated over a broad range of frequency content of somatosensory stimulation of the rat forepaw, Brain Research 1195: 67-76(2008)
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  • N.A. Bock, F.F. Paiva, G.C. Nascimento, J.D. Newman, A.C. Silva
    Cerebrospinal fluid to brain transport of manganese in a non-human primate revealed by MRI, Brain Research 1198: 160-170(2008)
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  • E.M. Shapiro, A.P. Koretsky
    Convertible manganese contrast for molecular and cellular MRI, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 60: 265-269(2008)
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  • A.C. Silva, J. Lee, C.W. Wu, J. Tucciarone, G. Pelled, I. Aoki, A.P. Koretsky
    Detection of cortical laminar architecture using manganese-enhanced MRI, Journal of Neuroscience Methods 167: 246-257(2008)
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  • J.B. Goense, S. Ku, H. Merkle, A.S. Tolias, N.K. Logothetis
    fMRI of the temporal lobe of the awake monkey at 7 T, NeuroImage 39: 1081-1093(2008)
    Link to PubMed
  • N.A. Bock, F.F. Paiva, A.C. Silva
    Fractionated manganese-enhanced MRI, NMR in Biomedicine 21: 473-478(2008)
    Link to PubMed
  • B. Stefanovic, E. Hutchinson, V. Yakovleva, V. Schram, J.T. Russell, L. Belluscio, A.P. Koretsky, A.C. Silva
    Functional reactivity of cerebral capillaries, Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 28: 961-972(2008)
    Link to PubMed
  • J.H. Duyn, A.P. Koretsky
    Magnetic resonance imaging of neural circuits, Nat Clin Pract Cardiovasc Med 5: S71-S78(2008)
    Link to PubMed
  • C. Sotak, K. Sharer, A.P. Koretsky
    Manganese cell labeling of murine hepatocytes using manganese(III)-transferrin, Contrast Media & Molecular Imaging 3: 95-105(2008)
    Link to PubMed
  • A.C. Silva, N.A. Bock
    Manganese-enhanced MR, Schizophrenia Bulletin 34: 595-604(2008)
    Link to PubMed
  • J.M. Simmons, Z.S. Saad, M.J. Lizak, M. Ortiz, A.P. Koretsky, B.J. Richmond
    Mapping prefrontal circuits in vivo with manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in monkeys, Journal of Neuroscience Methods 28: 7637-7647(2008)
    Link to PubMed
  • K. Chuang, P. van Gelderen, H. Merkle, J. Bodurka, V.N. Ikonomidou, A.P. Koretsky, J.H. Duyn, L.S. Talagala
    Mapping resting-state functional connectivity using perfusion MRI, NeuroImage 40: 1595-1605(2008)
    Link to PubMed
  • G. Zabow, S.J. Dodd, J. Moreland, A.P. Koretsky
    Micro-engineered local field control for high-sensitivity multispectral MRI, Nature Neuroscience 453: 1058-1063(2008)
    Link to PubMed
  • A.C. Zappe, J. Pfeuffer, H. Merkle, N.K. Logothetis, J.B. Goense
    The effect of labeling parameters on perfusion-based fMRI in nonhuman primates, Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 28: 640-652(2008)
    Link to PubMed
  • S. Wang, J.H. Duyn
    Time-domain finite-difference/finite-element hybrid simulations of radio frequency coils in magnetic resonance imaging, Phys Med Biol 53: 2677-2692(2008)
    Link to PubMed
  • G. Goelman, G. Pelled, S.J. Dodd, A.P. Koretsky
    Tracking the effects of crusher gradients on gradient-echo BOLD signal in space and time during rat sensory stimulation, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 60: 548-554(2008)
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