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Publications in year 2005

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  • T. Li, V.P. Mathews, Y. Wang, D.W. Dunn, W.G. Kronenberger
    Adolescents with disruptive behavior disorder investigated using an optimized MR diffusion tensor imaging protocol, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 1064: 184-192(2005)
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  • C.W. Wu, H. Seo
    Effect of peripheral somatosensory nerve stimulation on improvement of skillful hand functions of chronic stroke, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 87: 351-357(2005)
  • F. Hummel, P. Celnik, P. Giraux, A. Floel, C.W. Wu, C. Gerloff, L.G. Cohen
    Effects of non-invasive cortical stimulation on skilled function in chronic stroke, Brain 128: 490-499(2005)
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  • Z. Chen, A.C. Silva, J. Yang, J. Shen
    Elevated endogenous GABA level correlates with decreased fMRI signals in the rat brain during acute inhibition of GABA transaminase, Journal of Neuroscience Research 79: 383-391(2005)
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  • C.W. Wu, P. van Gelderen, T. Hanakawa, Z. Yaseen, L.G. Cohen
    Enduring representational plasticity after somatosensory stimulation, NeuroImage 27: 872-884(2005)
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  • B. Stefanovic, J.M. Warnking, E. Kobayashi, A. Bagshaw, C. Hawco, F. Dubeau, J. Gotman, G.B. Pike
    Hemodynamic and Metabolic Responses to Activation, Deactivation, and Epileptic Discharges, NeuroImage 28: 205-215(2005)
  • T. Li, D. Kim, M.E. Moseley
    High-resolution diffusion-weighted imaging with interleaved variable-density spiral acquisitions, Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 21: 468-475(2005)
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  • U. Himmelreich, R. Weber, P. Ramos-cabrer, S. Wegener, K. Kandal, E.M. Shapiro, A.P. Koretsky, M. Hoehn
    Improved stem cell MR detectability in animal models by modification of the inhalation gas, Molecular Imaging 4: 104-109(2005)
  • B. Voller, K. Werhahn, S. Ravindran, C.W. Wu, L. Cohen
    Improving hand hypoesthesia in chronic stroke, Annals of Neurology 59: 385-388(2005)
  • T.C. Hu, T.F. Christian, A.H. Aletras, J.L. Taylor, A.P. Koretsky, A.E. Arai
    Manganese enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of normal and ischemic canine heart, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 54: 196-200(2005)
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  • J. Lee, A.C. Silva, H. Merkle, A.P. Koretsky
    Manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging of mouse brain after systemic administration of MnCl2: dose-dependent and temporal evolution of T1 contrast, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 53: 640-648(2005)
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  • A.P. Koretsky, L.S. Talagala, S.D. Keilholz, A.C. Silva
    MRI detection of regional blood flow using arterial spin labeling, Cambridge University Press : 119-140(2005)
  • O. Speer, N. Back, T. Buerklen, D. Brdiczka, A.P. Koretsky, T. Wallimann, O. Eriksson
    Octameric mitochondrial creatine kinase induces and stabilizes contact sites between the inner and outer membranes, Biochem J 385: 445-450(2005)
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  • V.N. Ikonomidou, P. van Gelderen, J.A. de Zwart, M. Fukunaga, J.H. Duyn
    Optimizing brain tissue contrast with EPI: a simulated annealing approach, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 54: 373-385(2005)
    Abstract   PDF Full Text
  • B. Ozus, G. Clarke, S.J. Dodd, G. Fullerton
    Orientational dependence of intermolecular double quantum coherence (iDQC) signal from tendon tissue, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 53: 1183-1186(2005)
  • A.C. Silva
    Perfusion-based fMRI: insights from animal models,  Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 22: 745-750(2005)
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  • C.W. Wu
    Peripheral somatosensory stimulation induced cortical plasticity and its clinical application on functional restoration in chronic stroke, 27th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society 1182: 1-4(2005)
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  • W. Driesel, H. Merkle, S. Hetzer, S. Zysset, H.E. Moeller
    Reengineered helmut coil for human brain studies at 3T, MRE 27B 1: 64-74(2005)
  • P. van Gelderen, C.W. Wu, J.A. de Zwart, L.G. Cohen, M. Hallett, J.H. Duyn
    Resolution and reproducibility of BOLD and perfusion functional MRI at 3.0 Tesla, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 54: 569-576(2005)
    Abstract   PDF Full Text
  • C. Du, A.P. Koretsky, I. Izrailtyan, H. Benveniste
    Simultaneous detection of blood volume, oxygenation, and intracellular calcium changes during cerebral ischemia and reperfusion in vivo using diffuse reflectance and fluorescence, Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism : 1-15(2005)
    Abstract   PDF Full Text
  • C. Du, A.P. Koretsky, I. Izrailtyan, H. Benveniste
    Simultaneous detection of blood volume, oxygenation, and intracellular calcium changes during cerebral ischemia and reperfusion in vivo using photospectrometry, Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow and Metabolism 25: 1078-1092(2005)
  • E.M. Shapiro, S. Skrtic, A.P. Koretsky
    Sizing it up: cellular MRI using micron-sized iron oxide particles, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 53: 329-338(2005)
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  • C.W. Wu, N. Bichot, J. Kaas
    Somatosensory areas S2 and PV project to the superior colliculus of a prosimian primates, Galago Garnetti-Somatosensory and Motor Research 22: 221-231(2005)
    Link to PubMed
  • L. Sawaki, C.W. Wu
    Somatosensory stimulation enhances use-dependent plasticity in chronic stroke, Stroke 37: 246-247(2005)
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  • J.H. Duyn, P. van Gelderen, L.S. Talagala, A.P. Koretsky, J.A. de Zwart
    Technological advances in MRI measurement of brain perfusion, Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 22: 751-753(2005)
    Abstract   PDF Full Text
  • J.A. de Zwart, A.C. Silva, P. van Gelderen, P. Kellman, M. Fukunaga, R. Chu, A.P. Koretsky, J.A. Frank, J.H. Duyn
    Temporal dynamics of the BOLD fMRI impulse response, NeuroImage 24: 667-677(2005)
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  • T. Andrews, J. Lancaster, S.J. Dodd, C. Contreras-sesvold, P. Fox
    Testing the three-pool white matter model adapted for use with T2 relaxometry, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 54: 449-454(2005)
  • L. Krasnosselskaia, G. Fullerton, S.J. Dodd, I. Cameron
    Water in tendon: orientational analysis of the free induction decay, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 54: 280-288(2005)


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