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Publications in year 2002

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  • E.L. Barbier, E. Grillon, A.P. Koretsky, K.S. St. lawrence
    A Model of Blood-Brain Barrier Permeability to Water: Accounting for Blood Inflow and Longitudinal Relaxation Effects,  Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 47: 144-156(2002)
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  • D.E. Montgomery, B.M. Wolska, W.G. Pyle, B.B. Roman, J.C. Dowell, P.M. Buttrick, A.P. Koretsky, P. Del nido, R.J. Solaro
    Alpha-Adrenergic Response and Myofilament Activity in Mouse Hearts Lacking PKC Phosphorylation Sites on Cardiac TnI, American Journal Physiology - Heart and Circulatory Physiology 282: 144-156(2002)
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  • S.J. Dodd, D.S. Williams, C. Olsen, A.C. Silva, A.P. Koretsky, C. Ho
    An open transverse z-gradient coil designs for magnetic resonance imaging, Review of Scientific Instruments 73: 2208-2210(2002)
  • J.A. de Zwart, P. van Gelderen, P. Kellman, J.H. Duyn
    Application of Sensitivity-Encoded Echo-Planar Imaging for Blood Oxygen Level-Dependent Functional Brain Imaging, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 48: 144-156(2002)
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  • M.N. Yongbi, F. Fera, J.A. Frank, V.S. Mattay, J.H. Duyn
    Comparison of Multi-Slice Baseline and fMRI Perfusion Signal at 1.5T and 3.0T Using Pulsed Arterial Spin Labeling: Initial Results in Six Subjects, Radiology 222: 144-156(2002)
  • F.J. Langheim, J.H. Callicott, V.S. Mattay, J.H. Duyn, D.R. Weinberger
    Cortical Systems Associated with Covert Music Rehearsal, NeuroImage 16: 144-156(2002)
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  • J.A. de Zwart, P.J. Ledden, P. Kellman, P. van Gelderen, J.H. Duyn
    Design of a SENSE-Optimized High-Sensitivity MRI Receive Coil for Brain Imaging, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 47: 144-156(2002)
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  • X. Zhu, Y. Zhang, R. Tian, H. Lei, N. Zhang, X. Zhang, H. Merkle, K. Ugurbil, W. Chen
    Development of 17O NMR approach for fast imaging of cerebral metabolic rate oxygen in rat brain at high field, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - USA 99: 13194-13199(2002)
  • C. Collins, Q. Yang, J. Wang, X. Zhang, H. Lui, S. Michaeli, X. Zhu, G. Adriany, J. Vaughan, P. Andersen, H. Merkle, K. Ugurbil, M. Smith, W. Chen
    Different excitation and reception distribution with a single loop transmit-receive surface coil near a head-sized spherical phantom at 300 MHz, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 47: 1026-1028(2002)
  • I. Aoki, C. Tanaka, T. Takegami, T. Ebisu, M. Umeda, M. Fukunaga, K. Fukuda, A.C. Silva, A.P. Koretsky, S. Naruse
    Dynamic Activity-Induced Manganese-Dependent Contrast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DAIM MRI), Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 48: 144-156(2002)
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  • A. Borthakur, E.M. Shapiro, J. Beers, S. Kudchodkar, J.B. Kneeland, R. Reddy
    Effect of IL-1beta-induced macromolecular depletion on residual quadrupolar interaction in articular cartilage, Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging 15: 144-156(2002)
  • P. Bolan, L. Delabarre, E. Baker, H. Merkle, L. Everson, D. Yee, M. Garwood
    Eliminating spurious lipid sidebands in 1H spectra in breast lesions, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 48: 215-222(2002)
  • E.M. Shapiro, A. Borthakur, M.J. Shapiro, R. Reddy, J.S. Leigh
    Fast MRI of RF heating via phase difference mapping, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 47: 144-156(2002)
  • A.P. Koretsky
    Functional assessment of tissues with magnetic resonance imaging, Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences 961: 144-156(2002)
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  • T. Duong, E. Tacoub, G. Adriany, X. Hu, K. Ugurbil, J. Vaughan, H. Merkle, S. Kim
    High-resolution, spin-echo BOLD and CBF fMRI at 4 and 7 T, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 48: 589-593(2002)
  • E.L. Barbier, S. Marrett, A. Danek, A. Vortmeyer, P. van Gelderen, J.H. Duyn, P.A. Bandettini, J. Grafman, A.P. Koretsky
    Imaging Cortical Anatomy by High Resolution MR at 3.0T: Detection of the Stripe of Gennari in Visual Area 17,  Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 48: 144-156(2002)
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  • I. Tkac, P. Andersen, G. Adriany, H. Merkle, K. Ugurbil, R. Gruetter
    In vivo 1H NMR spectroscopy of the human brain at 7T, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 46: 451-456(2002)
  • R. Bartha, H. Merkle, P. Andersen, W. Chen, K. Ugurbil, M. Garwood
    In-vivo T2+ measurement in the human occipital lobe at 4T and 7T by carr-purcell MR imaging: detection of microscopic susceptibility contrast, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 47: 742-750(2002)
  • A.C. Silva, A.P. Koretsky
    Laminar Specificity of fMRI Onset Times During Somatosensory Stimulation in the Rat, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - USA 99: 144-156(2002)
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  • J.W. Bulte, S. Zhang, P. van Gelderen, V. Herynek, E.K. Jordan, C.H. Janssen, I.D. Duncan, J.A. Frank
    Magnetically labeled glial cells as cellular MR contrast agents, Academic Radiology 9: S148-S150(2002)
  • H.A. Zywicke, P. van Gelderen, J.R. Connor, J.R. Burdo, M.D. Garrick, K.G. Dolan, J.A. Frank, J.W. Bulte
    Microscopic R2* mapping of reduced brain iron in the Belgrade rat, Annals of Neurology 52: 102-105(2002)
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  • J.W. Bulte, T. Douglas, B. Witwer, S. Zhang, B.K. Lewis, P. van Gelderen, H. Zywicke, I.D. Duncan, J.A. Frank
    Monitoring stem cell therapy in vivo using magnetodendrimers as a new class of cellular MR contrast agents, Academic Radiology 9: S332-S335(2002)
  • G. Tedeschi, S. Bonavita, H.F. Mcfarland, N.D. Richert, J.H. Duyn, J.A. Frank
    Proton MR spectroscopic imaging in multiple sclerosis, Neuroradiology 44: 144-156(2002)
  • S. Michaeli, M. Garwood, X. Zhu, L. Delabarre, P. Andersen, G. Adriany, H. Merkle, K. Ugurbil, W. Chen
    Proton T2 relaxation study of water, N-acetylaspartate, and creatine in human brain using hahn and carr-purcell spin echoes at 4T and 7T, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine 47: 629-633(2002)
  • M.N. Yongbi, F. Fera, Y. Yang, J.A. Frank, J.H. Duyn
    Pulsed Arterial Spin Labeling: Comparison of Multisection Baseline and Functional MR Imaging Perfusion Signal at 1.5 and 3.0T: Initial Results in Six Subjects,  Radiology 222: 144-156(2002)
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  • A. Borthakur, E.M. Shapiro, S.V. Akella, A.J. Gougoutas, A.B. Kneeland, R. Reddy
    Quantifying sodium in the human wrist in vivo by using MR imaging, Radiology 224: 144-156(2002)
  • A. Bertolino, J.L. Roffman, B.K. Lipska, P. van Gelderen, A. Olson, D.R. Weinberger
    Reduced N-acetylaspartate in prefrontal cortex of adult rats with neonatal hippocampal damage, Cerebral Cortex 12: 983-990(2002)
    Abstract   PDF Full Text
  • J.A. de Zwart, P. van Gelderen, P. Kellman, J.H. Duyn
    Reduction of Gradient Acoustic Noise in MRI Using SENSE-EPI, NeuroImage 16: 144-156(2002)
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  • C. Du, Y. Pan, G.A. MacGowan, A.P. Koretsky
    Separation of Calcium Transients and Motion Artifact Using Frequency Filtering of Fluorescent Signals Arising from the Perfused Mouse Heart, Proceedings of SPIE : 144-156(2002)
  • R.G. Pautler, A.P. Koretsky
    Tracing Odor Induced Activation in the Olfactory Bulbs of Mice Using Manganese Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging, NeuroImage 16: 144-156(2002)
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  • N. Askenasy, A.P. Koretsky
    Transgenic Livers Expressing Mitochondrial and Cytosolic CK: Mitochondrial CK modulates free ADP levels,  American Journal Physiology - Cell Physiology 282: 144-156(2002)
    Link to PubMed
  • N.K. Logothetis, H. Merkle, M. Augath, T. Trinath, K. Ugurbil
    Ultra-high resolution fmRI in monkeys with implanted RF coils, Neuron 35: 227-242(2002)
  • J. Pfeuffer, P. Van de moortelle, E. Yacoub, G. Adriany, P. Andersen, H. Merkle, M. Garwood, K. Ugurbil, X. Hu
    Zoomed functional imaging in the human brain at 7 Tesla with simultaneously high spatial and temporal resolution, NeuroImage 17: 272-286(2002)


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