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Job Opportunities

LFMI is in a period of expansion and there are a number of specific jobs that are either actively being recruited or we expect to recruit in the near future. These include:


Training Opportunities

There are numerous training opportunites in LFMI for students at all levels. Most of these programs are described on the NINDS intramural WWW site at In addition, the Office of the Director of Intramural Research offers numerous mechanisms for training at NIH. These programs are described at, and

Postdoctoral: There are numerous opportunities for training in LFMI. Each of the Sections in LFMI usually has openings for postdoctoral fellows that would like to work in an area of research interest in LFMI. Interested candidates should contact the appropriate Section Head or the Chief, of the Laboratory directly. NIH and LFMI provide an excellent environment for training. NIH is one of the worlds largest biomedical research institutions. This ensures an active and lively atmosphere for being exposed to cutting edge research in any discipline of modern biomedical sciences. LFMI has outstanding intellectual and physical resources and the NIH NMR Center has a number of outstanding imaging groups that interact with LFMI. Finally, the Washington, DC area is an exciting cosmopolitan city with a reasonable cost of living.
Graduate Studies: NIH does not confer Ph.D. degrees, however, there are a variety of ways to perform graduate research within LFMI. NIH is developing a number of formal partnerships with universities around the country and the world and students can work with LFMI members as part of these programs. For more information go Alternatively, research can be undertaken informally by students enrolled in graduate programs around the world via a collaboration between the students home thesis advisor and a Section Head or Staff Scientist in LFMI.
Postbaccalaureate Intramural Research: NIH has a program for recent graduates from college and university who would like to spend time doing research before applying to graduate or medical school. It is possible to work at LFMI through this program. Information about this program and how to apply can be found at
Undergraduate Studies: LFMI encourages undergraduates to get involved in research at an earliest stage as possible. NINDS has a summer program for undergraduates that is described at NIH has other summer programs that would enable a student to work at LFMI as described at For students local to the Washington area it is possible to participate in LFMI projects during the normal school year by contacting the specific Section Head or Laboratory Chief.


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